img_0145Anything I had planned to write just went out the window. It is -22 degrees Celsius this afternoon, with a windchill of at least -30, and the dogs decided it was a good day to take a tour of the abandoned yard site across the road.

We have a Blue Heeler, and my daughter has a Cain Corso (pictured and so innocent looking). Our Heeler generally stays in the yard, but now that he has a friend they like to go across the road and chase birds, squirrels or whatever else it is they do. There definitely hasn’t been a dull moment since my daughter moved back in with us a couple of weeks ago. I think I got my workout again for the day, since I had to get all bundled up and go for a walk to get them.

Pets are fun, and days would be uneventful without them. If all else fails, they give us something to talk about. Acres and acres to run, and they pick the yard across the road to play in. I guess our side of the road isn’t near as much fun.

Now that they are inside, all is quiet. Their afternoon adventure has tired them out and they are napping. I would enjoy a nap as well, but my books won’t write themselves if I do that.

Speaking of books, I have recently published a new title on Kindle. How to Profit from Writing is filled with ideas and ways to help you earn your first $1000.00 from writing. Note: it is only available on Kindle at this time, as I am testing KDP Select for the first time. I do have several other titles available on Kindle, Kobo and Lulu.

I do not claim to have made six figures from my writing, but the day it happens will be a joyful one. I struggle with the marketing aspect, as I’m sure many authors do. We would much rather spend our time writing than marketing, but the two must go hand in hand. If we don’t let anyone know about our books, why do we write them? If you have a marketing budget, I suggest you utilize it. If not, then take the time to join some relevant Facebook groups, post on Instagram and use Pinterest. The latter is one I am currently learning more about.

There is always a learning curve when it comes to anything new. For me, it has been getting accustomed to having an eighteen month old, one hundred pound dog in our home. Plus, taking on a new project and blogging about the experience lends itself to new challenges and rewards.

As I close this post, I will leave you with a question which you are free to answer in the comments below if you so choose: Do you have a dog or other pets who make your days interesting?