I did it! I survived my first flight ever. It wasn’t near as scary as I thought it would be, which was a bonus. If it had been a bad experience, flying home would have caused much more anxiety.

Speaking of flying home, we will be doing that early in the morning. Our flight leaves at 7:35 AM EST, which means we have to be in the terminal around 6:00. I’m glad we booked a hotel at the airport, because Ottawa is getting a lot of snow this evening. I’m pretty sure they have had more today than we’ve had all winter at home.

And yes, I am writing this post in our hotel room. It is my first blog post ever to be written so far from home. And, it is the first time I have ever been so far from home. I have decided that since flying isn’t as scary as I thought it would be, we will probably come back to Ontario during the summer so we can enjoy the scenery, the history and all our country’s capital has to offer. Plus, visiting nearby cities and towns is also on the list. February isn’t exactly the best time to do sightseeing, especially during a winter storm.

If all goes according to plan, more posts will be written from hotel rooms and vacation spots. I don’t foresee it becoming a regular thing anytime soon, but even posting from campsites closer to home will be an option. And, now that I have an iPad, blogging on the go is going to be much easier.

The best part of our trip (and the reason for it) was being able to celebrate hubby’s grandmother’s one hundredth birthday. Yes, you read that right – she is 100 years old. She has experienced more changes in life and the world than most of us ever will. After being a part of the family for over ten years, I finally got to meet the woman I have heard so much about. She is a sweetheart, and age has not caused deterioration of her ability to recall who everyone is and what they do. I can only hope to make it to that age and still function as well as she does.

As we have to be up very early (and a morning person I am not), it is time for me to call it a night. The photo was taken as we were starting our descent to the Ottawa airport, which was much smoother than I had anticipated. My next post will most likely be made from home again, unless something happens along the way that is post-worthy.