Is something different?

For those of you who subscribe, you may have noticed a new header image. I’m on the search for a photo opportunity with my alpacas, but that may not happen until the weather warms up. For now, the bright flower will be just fine, as it is a reminder of warmer days.

Speaking of warmer days, I am anxiously awaiting some. We haven’t had a terrible winter, but I’m still ready for spring. It will be nice to not have to put on more than one layer to go outside. This year I will be building a greenhouse, so I am even more excited about spring getting here. It has been a long time since I’ve had a greenhouse (not for lack of trying), and I can hardly wait. 

About eight years ago I found plans for a greenhouse that used wire cattle panels and lumber. I was so proud of what I had built, and once I had the plastic on it even smelled like a greenhouse inside. We had gone away for the day to have Easter Dinner with family, then I took my daughter to her dad’s. While in town my boyfriend sent me a picture of my greenhouse…in a tree. A whirlwind had gone through the yard and picked up my hard work and put it in a stand of saskatoon trees. Anchoring it was going to be that afternoon’s job. Too little too late.

I tried again (unsuccessfully), and realized that I was building in a wind tunnel. Even trying to utilize a fixed framework didn’t work in that yard. So, needless to say, getting one built this spring is going to be exciting. And, the spot I have picked out is sheltered from the wind, so all should be good. Plus, it is not the same windy yard I tried building in before.

I did learn a few things from the first greenhouse I had, and will be doing things a little differently. When my ex-husband and I built the other one, we put in wooden shelving (staging) and a wooden floor. Those are two things I will not do again. I can see myself using wood staging again, but it will be slats, not a solid piece. Landscape fabric will be on the floor and possibly pea gravel (but probably not the first year). I will also leave part of one side empty (no staging) to accommodate cucumber vines.

I have also decided to be sure I leave enough space to accommodate my Bistro Set. I already have visions of taking my writing and a cup of coffee out and spending an hour or three. It will be my own little oasis. 

Along with the greenhouse,  I am planning on building some raised garden beds. I have had them before, but there again, changes will be made to how they’re done. In our other place I had built some that were four inches deep, and some were eight inches deep. My plan this time around is to go at least twelve inches deep, or more if possible. With mistakes comes experience, and I was able to develop a plan for garden beds, plant information and a planting grid. I have compiled it into a PDF and have it available in my Etsy Shop. 

It has been a few years since we have been able to have a garden spot, and I’m happy I will be able to build one this year. I have a dream garden, complete with arbors, Virginia Creeper, Bleeding Hearts and so much more. I’m sure it will be a work in progress over several years, but it will be well worth it. There will be posts about the progress in the coming months, from a before of the empty space to the during construction. The after may take a year or three.

So, as I close this post, a word of advice: don’t try to build a greenhouse in a wind tunnel.

The photo is of a cria I took last spring. She is no longer with us, but she sure sat nice for the camera. She was soaking up the sun that day.