Winter is showing its face again, and it doesn’t make me very happy. I really can’t complain because we haven’t had the snow other parts of Canada has. I would be happier if the wind wasn’t so brutal. My cheeks and fingers hurt by the time I was finished doing chores today, and I was wishing my coat was as warm as the alpacas’ coats are.

Given the cold outside, we will be spending the day inside watching the Tim Horton’s Brier on TV. Draw 1 is on as I write, and Alberta and Newfoundland/Labrador are tied at two in the third end. I cheer for Alberta, but when they aren’t playing I cheer for Brad Gushue. 

I have been to the Brier a couple of times; once when it was in Saskatoon and when it was in Edmonton. It is always fun to go to live events, as one can keep an eye on all of the games in play – not just the one being televised. Plus, it’s nice to bring home a new coffee mug. 

As I am enjoying the games, I will also be working on a cross-body bag pattern. When we took our trip to Ontario last month, I realized I needed a more compact bag for a carry-on. Plus, said bag needs to be able to hold my iPad, wallet and knitting needles and yarn. The outer part of the bag is crocheted and made from an acrylic yarn (ease of washing being the main goal here), while the inside will be lined with cotton fabric. It is a bag that will be used for more than just flying; it will be used on a regular basis I’m sure. I may have to make several so I have colour choices.

I haven’t quite figured out the shoulder strap yet, but I do think an adjustable one would be ideal. That way, it can be used as a shoulder bag as well. I’m sure I have some buckles somewhere in my craft supply stash that I can use.

Creating useful things are what I like to do most. If it is something that will make someone’s life easier, then I am up for the challenge. Whether it be hats, slippers, bags or something else, practicality is what I strive to achieve.

Now, for a quick update on Draw 1: NL4, AB 3 in the sixth end. It is a close game, and both are great teams. 

The photo is of my bag, and at about half the height it will be. My measuring guide will be my iPad, because it has to fit. The pattern for the bag will be available as soon as I can get it finished.

For the curling fans out there, enjoy the games. For those who prefer other sports (or none), enjoy your weekend and stay warm. I will see you next week!