Another weekend has come and gone. Why do they always fly by so quickly?

I have been curled up on the couch for the better part of a week due to being sick, but it gave me the opportunity to do some research. Now that I am feeling better I can actually concentrate on writing and want to share what I have learned.

As many of you may know, Pinterest is a visual site. As with books being judged by their covers, so are items and blog posts judged by the image that goes along with them. I have been spending more time on Pinterest lately, and my activity has not gone unnoticed. I have had re-pins of several pins, with the majority being something I have found on another board. It would be good if it was my product or post being pinned, but the fact that others are paying attention to my boards works for me.

One of the features of Pinterest is it will choose pins based on your search and pinning history. Imagine my surprise the other day when one of my eBooks showed up, which had been pinned by someone else. That was a good day! The point here is, if you are seeing your work pinned by others, then you are being noticed.

In order to help fellow craftspeople, I have created a board which will eventually have many collaborators. The best way to be seen is to join a group board. I used to think it was counterproductive, but after seeing the numbers I can see the logic behind it now. Let me explain.

If you have 500 followers, and pin to only a board you created, then your pins only have the potential to be seen by those 500 people. If however, you are a collaborator on a group board with combined followers of 10,000 your pins are potentially seen by that many people. Doesn’t it make sense to join a group board or three?

One thing I do advise is you respect the rules of the group. If it is a board for crafts, do not pin fashion or weight loss items to it. That only gets frustrating for those who are trying to earn an income from their craft business. My group board is brand new (created today), and I welcome crafters and pattern designers to join. The more the merrier! 

With that being said, Pinterest can work to the advantage of bloggers, designers and virtually any home-based or brick-and-mortar store. By using quality images and having quality content/merchandise available, then you are more apt to make a good impression. Remember, quality is better than quantity. I have seen several promising pins for articles, only to be disappointed when reading them. If you are going to write an article, for the sake of everyone please make sure it is readable. I came across several that had obviously been spun, because they made no sense whatsoever. Needless to say, those articles did not get repinned by me. If you are hiring a writer for your blog, check the article before you accept or publish it.

The image was created using Canva, with one of their photos. 

As I said before, I am quite new to using Pinterest group boards but do anticipate great things by doing so.

Do you use Pinterest for your business or blog? If so, do you have any tips you would like to share based on your experiences?