Good afternoon! I started a post earlier, but decided to take the dogs for a walk and enjoy the warm weather instead. Now they are both curled up beside me, and I can write uninterrupted.

A few days ago I started a Pinterest board for those who make handmade items. I briefly touched on the benefits of joining a group board, with one being the more collaborators, the further your reach. The board is off to a slow start, so I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join in the fun. I know many of you reading this want to increase your potential customer reach, so why not take advantage of the power of Pinterest?

By utilizing the board, you can expand your reach without spending a lot of extra time marketing. Be sure your images are as appealing as your product, and you will find it repinned again and again.

I am aware that some of you make supplies for crafters, such as handspun yarn, paper beads, printable paper for scrapbooking, hand dyed fabrics and so on. As a way to encourage creativity, I am extending the invitation to those who create supplies for crafters as well. I know there are Etsy shops that carry handmade fiber processing supplies (combs, hacks, dizzes, spindles, spinning wheels, etc), and their workmanship is divine. If you or anyone you know has such a Shop, feel free to become a collaborator on the board.

I am aware of the challenges craftspeople face every day, with one of them being the struggle to earn enough to pay the bills. By spreading the word about your talents, you will increase your visibility. I’m not the greatest at tooting my own horn, but I will share, share, share the work of others. Plus, as I prefer to keep my blog neat and tidy (without the pop-up ads, and links that take you who-knows-where), my craft income depends solely on sales in my Etsy Shop. (This is the free version of WordPress, so any ads shown are placed there by WordPress, not by me.)

Join the board All Handmade Mini-Mall and let’s help each other get our products and supplies in the hands of others. Instructions for joining are on the Pinterest board.

The photo is of the Pinterest board you are invited to join. As you can see, it needs more items and collaborators. There is no reason we can’t take it from two pins to 10,000 in a month. I’m up for the challenge. How about you?

Share this post with everyone you know, and let’s make Pinterest our best marketing tool yet.