Spring is here; officially anyhow. One wouldn’t know it with the temperatures we’ve had the last couple of days. I’m sure the windchill has been worse than it was in January. But then again, if it weren’t for the weather, we’d have nothing to talk/complain about.

Along with the new season comes a whole new list of things to do. The first one for me is to type up the pattern for my new Cross Body Bag. I talked about it in a previous post, and finished it Sunday night. Although I talked about lining it, I have decided to keep it as is instead. It does have some stretch to it this way, which may not be a bad thing. My initial plan was to carry my iPad in it, but after giving it some thought I think the iPad is better left behind during the Curling games. Watch my Etsy Shop for the listing.

Next on the list on the days I don’t work will be getting my garden beds made, and my greenhouse built. My biggest dilemma is going to be the placement of them. They need full sun, but yet can’t be built where they will be in the way of vehicles and equipment. Decisions! Decisions!

I do want to try growing some new vegetables this year, with one of them being kale. I have bought packaged kale salad and really like it, so growing my own will be fun. Plus, brussel sprouts are on my list. My grandma used to grow them every year, and they did well.

I had plans for this week, but it looks like a Mother Nature is going to do things her way. Strong winds, rain and snow are not ideal greenhouse building conditions. It looks like I may have to put off my plans until warmer days arrive. I can utilize my garden planner and plan out my beds though, so that I am ready for planting when the building is complete.

I was perusing Pinterest and saw some neat trellises for vertical gardening. They can increase the yield from a small space if utilized properly. I’m looking forward to growing my cucumbers upward this year. Not only does it save space, but it also allows for better air circulation. And, better air circulation means healthier plants. I’m quite excited about growing more of our produce this year. The past couple of years I have only done some container gardening, and that is not enough for me.

While on Pinterest I also found a blog called Project Zenstead, which has a free download for Homestead Management. I downloaded a copy and am going to utilize as much of it as I can. I like the fact it has a section for income from handmade items, as well as the usual animal and produce sales. If you want to download a copy, I highly recommend you visit Project Zenstead. I don’t have an affiliation with the blog owner; I just wanted to share something I think is useful to those who may be trying to figure out a good way to keep track of income and expenses incurred on a homestead.

It is getting late, so I should go to sleep soon. Picking up an extra shift at the library this week cut in to my work at home time, but with the changes coming up this summer, we need all the income we can get. It will be great to have us and alpacas on the same property again, so I have to work extra hard to make it happen before winter. I’m hoping for mid-summer at the latest, but am wise enough to know there are unforeseen circumstances that often change the way things happen.

The photo is of my new Cross Body Bag, which was inspired by our trip to Ontario last month. I’m seriously contemplating making more, but in different colours. The pattern will be available in my Etsy Shop before month-end.