I’m not sure where the time went, but Good Friday is only two days away. Being gone for ten days, and working this week has taken up my time so Easter has once again snuck up on me. It seems the older I get, the quicker the time passes. I think not having little ones at home makes a big difference as well. When kids are in school, they do the seasonal crafts and activities, so parents are more aware of upcoming holidays. At least that’s how it was for me.

I realized yesterday that we didn’t have any Easter decorations at the library, so I went on Pinterest to see what I could whip up real quick. I came up with a wreath made from a paper plate and printed scrapbooking paper, cut in egg shapes. We didn’t have any ribbon, so I put the wreath around a stuffed bunny’s neck and set it on the little shelf we have across from the checkout desk. 

The wreath was simple to make, and the same concept can be used for any occasion. Simply cut the inner circle from a paper plate, then glue on shapes (eggs for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, leaves for Thanksgiving, etc.) cut from solid or printed card stock. It’s a quick decoration that can be done with children too. I used glue dots, so I didn’t even end up with glue on my hands. My only regret: I didn’t take a picture of my little display.

Quick little projects can be done for any occasion, and Pinterest has become my go-to when I need some inspiration. Sometimes I have an idea of what I’m looking for so will type in a keyword or phrase in the search bar. Other times I’ll just end up scrolling until I come across something that looks like it will work. The only downside to Pinterest is that the time slips away when on it. A patron and I were having a discussion about that very fact this afternoon. I know I get wrapped up in it, but have started making notes about the ideas I find. I pin a lot, but actually writing down some of them helps me remember. I can always find the reference point later if I need to.

For those of you who use Pinterest, do you use it for an idea source, or to gain views and followers? Or a combination of the two? 

I know I still have a lot to learn about it, but it is definitely becoming a very popular method of showcasing products and services. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; and that is so true. Pinterest has captured the attention of social media buffs worldwide, and I don’t think its popularity will be diminishing anytime soon.

Now, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you do so. You might be cursing me under your breath when two hours slip away, but you’ll also see just how diverse the content is. If you don’t know where to start, just type in Easter wreath and I’m sure you’ll find the pin I got my inspiration from. Actually, I can do one better and screenshot the pin.

The photo is a screenshot of the pin I was inspired by. Easy peasy for a kid’s craft.