We got another taste of winter yesterday. I’m not really complaining, because the moisture is good. I just wish it could have stayed off the roads. If only the snow could pick and choose where to fall. It does look very pretty out, even though it has made our country roads mud bogs.

The photo above is of our yard outside the kitchen window. The trees are covered again, and it is still snowing. It is supposed to taper off by this afternoon though, which is fine by me. I do have to venture out further than just a few miles away to feed my alpacas, so I’m hoping not all of the roads are horrible. It is times like these I wish I had a 4WD truck. Mind you, my SUV does have the option of 4WD and it does get me from point A to B and back again. It is my uncle’s 80th birthday today, so we are having a party for him at the Long Term Care residence. He will enjoy having everyone there, just like it used to be when he was still able to live at home.

With the snow yesterday, and the fact that I was the only one home, I did manage to get some sewing and crocheting done. I made a dozen cable holders out of fabric, only to realize the snaps I wanted to use for them are cheaply made and don’t work well. It looks like I have to go shopping for something else to close them. I’m thinking perhaps Velcro, but I need to get the type that isn’t self-adhesive; that kind is too hard on machine needles.

When Plan A didn’t work as I had hoped, I moved on to Plan B and sat down with crochet hook in hand. It didn’t take long to make a cord holder that way, and once I found more buttons I made another. The cable buddy, as I like to call it, doesn’t take much yarn so is a great way to use up bits left over from other projects. I did use an acrylic yarn for the two I made, but think using wool or alpaca yarn will result in a nice felted one. That will be my next one to make. The only thing I’ll have to keep in mind is it will shrink with the felting process, so I will have to make it a little bigger than when using the acrylic yarn.

I listed the two I made in my Etsy Shop yesterday, and will be adding more accessories along the same line in the next few days. I plan on making a couple for work as well, because our iPad cords are currently held together with elastic bands. I’m also going to modify my pattern slightly to accommodate earbuds, which we have on hand for patrons to use while on our public computers. Those too are currently held together using elastic bands.

The sun is trying hard to break through the clouds, so it may be a nice day after all. We will be car-pooling today with my daughter, who does have a 4WD truck. It is time to get ready to feed my alpacas, then head to town. 

Happy Easter everyone, and may the rest of your weekend be filled with good food, good company and making great memories. And please remember, if you drink, don’t drive.

The feature photo is of the second cable buddy I made. It too can be found in my Etsy Shop.