I hope everyone is having a good week. Mine has been busy, and I feel as if nothing has been accomplished. I have been at the library all week, so lots is being accomplished there. We are in the process of weeding books this week, so I definitely get my steps in. I have come across books I didn’t even know we had.

The most fun is going to be when we get to start going through the thirty-plus boxes of donated books. That’s always like Christmas as far as I’m concerned. I love books! I have my eye on a few that we weeded a few weeks ago, but I may not be very popular if I bring a box full home.

I had a friend text me today with an offer I hope I don’t have to pass up. She has a drum carder, spinning wheel, hand cards and a bag of raw wool for sale. I have used her drum carder and felt sad when she wanted it back. Now I have the opportunity to buy the whole works. I have two wheels, but if I recall correctly hers has a bigger bobbin which means more yarn spun at a time. The best part about having more than one wheel is I can spin different yarns without having to switch out bobbins.

As I said, I hope I don’t have to pass up the opportunity to invest in some new-to-me processing supplies. Sales from my Etsy Shop will be helping pay for it (investment in equipment), so I’m offering a ten percent discount on all items; both tangible and digital. To take advantage of the savings, enter coupon code SAVE10NOW when placing your order. It will help me immensely, and I will be able to card and spin more once I have the drum carder.

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned I wasn’t too excited about monetization with ads and affiliate links. I do want to stay away from that as much as possible, but once again I have the opportunity to increase my income. I’d be silly not to go for it, wouldn’t I? With that being said, the products I link to will be wisely chosen, and be something I have personally used. Exceptions will be noted.

I will refrain from including too many links in each post. I’m planning on no more than two, and depending on the content, there may be none at all. If you come across something you like, know that there is no additional cost to you by clicking on the link. And, if you make a purchase through that link, I will be one step closer to getting more processing supplies.

I started off carding my fiber with dog grooming brushes, then upgraded to a set of hand carders. The set I have are made from wood and were almost $100.00 new. I found a set of hand carders on Amazon that are made of a lightweight metal, which means they are less expensive. If they work as well as my wooden carders, making punis and rolags will be a breeze.

I’m itching to get back into spinning again. Hopefully the weather warms up so I can take my alpaca fiber outside and clean it, then card and spin it. Increasing my selection of alpaca products in my Etsy Shop is priority this year.  

My Bullet Journal is being utilized, and in my next post I will talk a bit about what I have included in mine. It is by far the best planner I have ever had. It is going to undergo some changes as the months go on, but only because I need a more efficient system. This one is more of a figure it out project. I have plans for the next one (which I promise not to start until this one is full). The hardest part is figuring out which pages, trackers and lists I will use most. The nice thing is, Bullet Journals are easily adapted to change.

The photo is of my What Makes Me Happy page. It is a WIP, but as time goes on it will be filled.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and remember, coupon code SAVE10NOW will save you 10 percent on any item in my Etsy Shop.