I’m not quite sure where the last week has gone, but my habit tracker tells me I haven’t posted since the third of this month. I have had intentions of doing a post every three to four days, but I seem to have slipped slightly wayside lately. There really isn’t a legitimate excuse, aside from the days just slipping by.

On the upside, I haven’t been completely negligent in my activities. As many of you know, I do have an Etsy Shop where I have several of my patterns listed. Plus, I also sell ready-to-ship items. I have taken some time to update a couple of my patterns, plus tweak some of my listings. My highlight of the week, however, was listing patterns on Craftsy.

I have been a Craftsy member for quite some time, and have downloaded patterns and watched classes from there. I have been pleased with my experience, and after talking with a friend, decided to list some of my patterns there as well. I listed on a May 5th, and had my first sale May 7th. I was so excited! Pattern sale number two came on the 10th, and it can only go up from there.

In one of my earlier posts I talked about earning money from pattern sales. I hadn’t tried Craftsy as a platform yet, so couldn’t give an honest opinion on it. Now that I have seen such quick positive results, I feel I can endorse it. And let it be known the sales were made even before I attempted any marketing. I have since pinned them on Pinterest, so anticipate additional sales over time.

As a designer, it’s a good idea to keep options open in terms of where you list and promote your patterns. Etsy has been good to me, as I have sold ten of my Airy Crocheted Top patterns there so far. That particular pattern is my best-seller, next to my weaving sticks. I can only hope to continue to sell several more of each, plus others.

Getting the word out about your designs can be a little intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are an introvert like me. Marketing has never been my strong suit, but I am gradually getting better. I do much better promoting the work of others than my own, but that’s not a bad thing. We all have to help one another, so utilizing sites such as Pinterest is beneficial. As a way to help others promote their work, I started a group board. The nice thing about a group board is the pins reach not only your followers, but also the followers of other group members. 

For example, if you have 200 followers and pin to a regular board, only 200 people (at most) will see your pin. If you belong to a group board with ten members and each has 200 followers, that’s 2000 potential viewers. Do you see the benefit? And, the number I used is less than what most people have, so the reach can be much greater.

If you are on Pinterest and are looking for another way to market your products and patterns, check out my board. The instructions for joining are in the description,so feel free to send me your request. I look forward to having more collaborators, and it will give you one more avenue for your marketing efforts.

Midnight is quickly approaching, so I really must call it a night. I’m looking forward to seeing your designs on the Pinterest group board.

As an avid Pinterest user, I do my fair share of checking out patterns and crafts. I found some pins for vests and sweaters, done in the round. I like to make my own version of things, so decided to try my hand at a Mandala Vest. It took some frogging to get it figured out, but so far so good now. The photo is of what I have so far. I just hope I don’t run out of yarn before it’s big enough to wrap up in. This one will probably become my keep-at-work vest, and the next one will be brighter and the pattern written as I go along. This one will definitely be one of a kind.