I have always liked the look of the dreamcatcher. I didn’t realize just how simple they are to make, nor how they could be made from on-hand materials. It wasn’t until a recent search on Pinterest that I saw how varied they are in size and intricacy. 

As I am a DIYer, I thought about what I had on hand that would work. Several years ago I had a friend pick me up half a dozen brass rings for another project, but after using one I realized it wasn’t going to work. Needless to say, the remaining five were placed in a craft drawer and even endured a move. 

Yesterday I decided it was time to try my hand at making one. Besides, how hard could it be? (Famous last words, right?)

I went upstairs, got one of the brass rings and picked some cotton crochet thread. I crocheted around the ring, but not tightly the brass doesn’t show through. Next I crocheted a series of chains and single crochet stitches, decreasing as I got toward the center. Only upon fastening off did I realize I goofed. But, as I read somewhere, nothing in life is perfect. I am currently in the process of making another, which is slightly more detailed.

The history of the dreamcatcher dates back to the Native People. They were made from willow, sinew and feathers, and woven in a spiderweb type pattern. The Natives believe the good dreams pass through the webbing, while the bad ones get trapped and are caught. They remain trapped there until daylight, then evaporate like the morning dew. 

No matter individual beliefs, the dreamcatcher is a beautiful piece of artwork. With a variety of materials readily available, their construction is no longer limited to the use of willow, sinew, beads and feathers.  Although, anyone with access to the traditional materials will surely appreciate being able to reconstruct a piece of history.

The one I made is now listed in my Etsy Shop. I have added a photo of it so you may see how simple, yet effective, they can be.

Have you ever made a dreamcatcher? If so, what was the best part of the experience?

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