It’s the first day of summer, and it is making sure we know about it. Summer storms are so much fun; when they are over and all is still standing.

I went to visit my mom after work today, and had a beautiful drive there. It’s just under an hour away, and I stopped to visit my Dad’s grave on the way there. It was windy enough to keep the mosquitoes away, but not so windy it took my breath away. After spending an hour and a half with Mom, I went to my sister’s to visit. I raided her fridge (salad in a jar), then decided with the bad weather coming I should be on my way. My daughter called and said it was miserable at home, but it was calm at my sister’s. 

The calm before the storm was an understatement. There’s nothing quite like driving along at 100km/hr and being hit broadside by wind that’s probably gusting at the same speed. I’m glad it wasn’t raining yet, because I can only handle one thing like that at a time. Luckily traffic was light, and I didn’t hit rain until I was a few miles from home. There was one flash of lightning so bright it sent prickles down my spine. Who knows; the electricity may have passed right through my vehicle. 

But, as they say, all’s well that ends well. I made it home, sent my sister a text to let her know, and am now relaxing with a glass of wine. I looked at my bullet journal and realized I haven’t posted in over two weeks. Bad Diane!

With summer comes the fun things too. Not having to dress in layers, being able to have the windows open at night, and being able to spend time outside. And, for the really hot days, water fights are inevitable. I have jumped on the reusable water balloon craze, and have made several of them with an acrylic yarn (not the blanket yarn that is suggested). Mine soak up enough water to get an opponent wet.

The best part about these balloons is there are no little bits of latex to pick up, which also means a safer yard for pets and children. I have listed one set in my Etsy Shop, and will be making more as the requests come in. I used the pattern I found on the Left in Knots blog, but I’m sure there are others available. I have also seen a pattern listed on Etsy. To use them, all you need to do is put them in a bucket of water, let them soak for a minute, then start tossing. When some come flying at you, simply throw them back. Or for more effect, give them another quick dip to fill them up.

Whoever came up with the idea originally was a genius! Safe, efficient and great for the yarn companies. I’m thinking that recycled t-shirts would work too. Make t-shirt yarn, then crochet the balloons. Not only are you reducing waste, but you’re also having a blast doing it. 

I modified the pattern slightly, because I found it easier to start with a magic circle. In all honesty, now that I know how to do them, I use them for any circular pattern. I can make one balloon in about ten minutes, and that is usually including the weaving in of the ends.

The only part of summer I don’t like is the mosquitoes. And, with all of the rain we’ve had, there is no shortage of them. I’m sure morning will bring a new hatching and I will once again stink like bug spray when I go to work. Gross! 

The photo is of the set of reusable water balloons I have listed in my Etsy Shop. 

Oh, one more thing: for those of you who recall the accident I talked about in previous posts, you’ll be happy to know the lone survivor has been discharged from the hospital and is at home recovering. According to those who know him, the last thing he remembers before impact was my friend saying “Oh shit!”. I know he will never be the same man he was before the accident, but I do hope he can move on and find strength to get through each day. I hope he doesn’t take life for granted, and makes the most of each day. He was given a second chance, and I hope he feels he was spared for a reason. His personality will determine what happens from this day forward.

Now, back to the summer: what is your favourite way to cool off? Does the thought of a water fight take you back?