Santa’s coming! Santa’s coming!

Wait! What? Already? Wasn’t it just December 1st a couple days ago?

I hope Santa doesn’t mind me being unprepared, because I am so far from being ready for Christmas this year. I’m glad my daughter is excited about the cooking and baking, because it will give me time to get some other things done, like preparing for guests.

The reality of it is, that even if I am not as ready as I think I should be, the day will come and I will have stressed myself out for nothing. This month has been stressful enough for us, so why add to it?

I do wish I could have spent the last five days getting things ready, shopping, wrapping gifts, and so forth; instead of being sick in bed. I managed to stay away from the doctor, but it was close to that point. I’m sure someone at Mom’s funeral decided they should share the flu with me. “I’m sorry for your loss, and to make sure you feel like crap for the next week, please accept this gift from me.”

Okay, so that’s probably not how it played out, but when one is laying in bed too sick to get up, all sorts of things go through your mind. I know it was just a matter of timing (albeit bad), and I was probably going to get knocked on my ass either way. But, I am happy to say I got through it without needing antibiotics, which is an accomplishment for me in itself. Things that start out that way usually end with me getting bronchitis or pneumonia. So, at the end of the day, I think I did pretty good fighting it on my own.

As much as I would love to stay and write more, I must get ready for work. Today will be my first day this month, and the work month is almost over. It’s going to make for a very small paycheque, but hopefully I can make it up other ways.

Oh, I almost forgot: head on over to @notjustalpaca on Etsy, and save 30% on my patterns. The sale prices are listed, but are only in effect until Christmas Eve. Whether you’re needing some last minute gift ideas, or you want to stock my items in your shop (tax deduction), head on over.

Have a great day everyone, and in case the next few days fly by, Merry Christmas!