Good afternoon! Well, at least that’s what it is here as I write this. I have filled my order of baby blanket (then a hat and bib to match) and chair socks. A good start to the month, if I do say so myself.

In my last post I talked about goals I have set for myself. I’m happy to say I’m on track with the first one. Over the weekend I worked on my bullet journal, and set up my weekly pages, habit tracker, gratitude page, master plan for 2018 page and a couple of pages for achieving a Level 10 Life.

I think with writing down one’s goals, we have a better chance at achieving them. And by breaking a big goal into little goals, it is not as daunting. By filling out the Level 10 Life chart, I was able to see where I need to improve. It involved a little soul-searching, but I do believe I will be better for it. We all need to re-evaluate our lives once in awhile, and for me it has taken almost fifty years to do it on paper. It’s much more real then. Thinking about it and actually doing it are two different things.

I have included pictures of my Level 10 Life pages, which are blank. If you want to do your own, feel free to use mine as an example. Many use a wheel, but I like the simplicity this one has to offer. I have not included my completed one, nor do I expect you to share yours. The photo below is one way to list the steps you wish to take to achieve your Level 10.

Level 10 Life page 2

Something else I have been working on will contribute to Goal #2 – building my business one sale at a time. I’m new to the newsletter scene, when it comes to online anyhow. When my kids were younger I had a mail-order fabric business, which I later turned into a brick-and-mortar business. In hindsight, keeping it mail-order would have been the better choice for me. With that little hiccup aside, my point is I used to send out newsletters to my customers…the old fashioned kind. My self-taught desktop publishing skills were helpful there as well.

As much as I would like to stick with the snail-mail version of a newsletter, the changing times show email is where it’s at. With that being said, I am working on building my mailing list. I have created a printable which is free for anyone joining my list.

I know how overwhelming going through emails can be, so I won’t bombard you with one or more a day, or even a week. I will only be sending out a newsletter when I have something new and fun to share, whether it’s a new printable, pattern or sale. You can expect to hear from me at least once a month, which I think is plenty given how busy you all are.

The first thing I will need to know is if it’s working. I did a test run, but knowing if it works for you is important. If there are any glitches, I definitely need to know about them. This is new to me, so I expect there to be a learning curve.

I appreciate your comments and feedback, and remember, you are free to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time (although I wish you would stay). The printable is yours to keep and use as you wish. (I need to know if that part works; if you don’t get the download please let me know.)

Have a wonderful evening and thanks for helping me get this in motion.