Not Just Alpaca

Alpacas, fiber arts, crafts and more.

Yoga for Health

Spending many hours in front of a computer screen or with knitting needles in hand can take its toll on a body. The eye strain, poor posture and lack of movement all contributes to an unhealthy way of life. Mix... Continue Reading →

Spinning Your Own Yarn

When we bought our alpacas in 2011, I was determined to teach myself how to spin my own yarn. I had visions of shearing them the following spring, and making beautiful yarn. I do have to say, it was a... Continue Reading →

Spring is Here – For Now

I know, it's only February you say. We came home on Monday to some beautiful weather, and at this rate the little snow we had will be gone soon. As I said in my last post, Ottawa had more snow... Continue Reading →

Flying Isn’t as Bad as I Thought 

I did it! I survived my first flight ever. It wasn't near as scary as I thought it would be, which was a bonus. If it had been a bad experience, flying home would have caused much more anxiety. Speaking... Continue Reading →

Knitting Socks

My history with knitting, and a couple tips to make it easier.

Dogs – “Gotta Love ’em”

Anything I had planned to write just went out the window. It is -22 degrees Celsius this afternoon, with a windchill of at least -30, and the dogs decided it was a good day to take a tour of the... Continue Reading →

Alpacas and More

My first post introducing myself and all I do. I'm looking forward to sharing all I know about alpacas, crafts, gardening and writing.

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